People are not satisfied with what they have and there is a constant strive to earn more. And once they acquire these funds, the next question that strikes is: what to do with this money? To spend or invest? We are able to answer this question.

Investment process

 There are only 3 easy steps to get started!
  STEP1. Open and deposit your account with proposed brokers.
  STEP2. Register in our member-zone and send a ticket to PAMM department.
  STEP3. We start trading your account.


Capital protection

All investments have a built in capital protection of a minimum of 70% of the total amount invested. In the event that the level of equity of an investment falls below this level, trading on the account is automatically suspended.

   Are you looking for a new profitable way to Invest? You want to get into Forex trading, but either don’t have the time or experience for hands-on involvement? Then you need to look into getting someone to manage your trading account for you. You need a Private Forex Trader.
   Private Forex Trader  is ideal for an investor who wants the high-profit potential of the foreign exchange market. Managed signals are a good way for individuals looking to diversify into Forex.  


My name is Viktor Karpinsky, and I wasn't able to keep that project on my own. It took a lot of money and time. Anyways I want you, Investor, not to get lost in this complicated FX world, where 95% of all offers are scam. Currently I'm Head of Advisor Recruitment @ Infinium Financial. I'm responsible for verifying traders.
You can have a look at my brochure  which contains one of the best traders we have found so far and allocated $30M with them.
Also you can always call me or send an email for an advise, I would like to help you not to get into scam.    


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