PrivateForexTrader is oriented to win-win scheme. We profit only when our customers do the same. We've decided to broaden our profit scheme and include third party, who will also win with us, they are affiliates. Become our affiliate and join our family of winners.

It’s very easy to start to use it.

1) You need register in our member zone there:

2) After that you need to log into your account and activate affiliate. You will receive a special unique link, which you may use for your earnings. When a visitor clicks this link they will be taken to and a cookie saved on their computer. If the visitor then places an order with the cookie present (it lasts for 90 days by default) you will earn a commission.

Advantages you receive:

  • Very high commission: 20% of each paid monthly subscription! When our clients buy subscription they extend it in 99% of cases. For a example you bring a client who pays us 250usd, you receive 50usd not only once, but each time person pays us that commission.

  • You initially receive welcome-bonus of 10usd on your account.

We will support you with our weekly performance booklets, analytics and so on.

Join our affiliate program for free and start making money with us!

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